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China-ROK Investment & Trade Expo
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Date: 2019-08-21
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Author: CCPIT

Date: October 24 ~ October 26, 2019

Venue: International Convention and Exhibition Center, Yancheng, Jiangsu Province

Registration deadline: October 20, 2019


China-ROK (Republic of Korea) Free Trade Agreement was officially signed in June, 2015. Meanwhile, the Memorandum of Understanding on Industrial Park Cooperation under the Framework of the FTA Between Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China (MOFCOM) and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Economy (MOTIE) of South Korea was formally signed in October, 2015, determining that China and South Korea will construct China-ROK industrial parks in Yancheng of Jiangsu Province, Yantai of Shandong Province, Huizhou of Guangdong Province, and Saemangeum, South Korea.

To further strengthen the cooperation between China and South Korea in the fields of economy and trade, promote the China-ROK relations, and build a benchmark platform for China-ROK economic and trade cooperation, including high-end industrial agglomeration, high-end research and development leadership, high-end talent support and high-end brand management in this regard, China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC) is scheduled to host the first China-Korea Investment & Trade Expo in Yancheng, Jiangsu from October 24 to 26, 2019. For more information, please see below.

Expo info

1.     Name: China-ROK Investment & Trade Expo

2.     Date: October 24 - October 26, 2019

3.     Venue: International Convention and Exhibition Center, Yancheng, Jiangsu Province

4.     Area: 20,000 square meters

It is estimated that 200-300 exhibitors will be invited, including no less than 40% of overseas exhibitors (mainly South Korean enterprises).

5. Theme: Innovation, Cooperation and Development

6. Content: One image exhibition and five industry exhibitions

6.1 Construction and Development Exhibition of China-ROK industrial parks (Image Exhibition): This exhibition will focus on the outcomes of the construction and development of China-ROK Industrial Park, comprehensively displaying the leading industries, outcomes and future plans in Yancheng, Huizhou, Yantai and Saemangeum Industrial Parks.

6.2 Automobile and Auto Parts Industry Exhibition (Industrial Exhibition): This exhibition will display traditional passenger cars, new energy vehicles and intelligent network automobiles and other fields, especially the major models (including new energy vehicles) and advanced parts and components products.

6.3 Photovoltaic Industry Exhibition (Industry Exhibition): This exhibition will display three major areas of light energy, light illumination and light display, respectively focusing on the production equipment of solar cell components, new raw materials, integrated systems; LED chips, packaging, applications, drivers, materials and accessories; optical display panels, module manufacturing and terminal applications.

6.4 Electronic Information Industry Exhibition (Industrial Exhibition): This exhibition will display the upstream, middle stream and downstream electronic information industry chain including semiconductor materials, smart chips, integrated circuits, information technology applications, smart cities, smart phones. The combination of outcomes exhibition and business exhibition is adopted to show the achievements of the new generation of electronic information technology industry, and to help the matching between the upstream and downstream enterprises to develop business cooperation.

6.5 Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Exhibition (Industrial Exhibition): This exhibition will display the high-end intelligent manufacturing, new energy equipment industry, focusing on the high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, energy storage technology, Internet of Things development and application, intelligent robots, 3D printing equipment, intelligent control system.

6.6 Modern service industry exhibition (industry exhibition): This exhibition will display the health care, cross-border e-commerce, financial funds, high-end commerce and trade and other areas of the latest products.

7. Sideline events

7.1 Opening Ceremony: Keynote Speeches and Promotion of Investment Environment on the morning of October 24.

7.2 Summit Forum: From the afternoon of October 24 -25, there will be one main forum and five parallel forums.

The main forum is about the China-ROK Industrial Park Construction and Development, and the parallel forums are about automobile industry, electronic information industry, photovoltaic industry, intelligent manufacturing industry and modern service industry.

7.3 B2B Match-making: From October 24-26, in the pre-exhibition period and during the conference period, enterprises and industries associations with purchase intention are organized in stages to match with participating exhibitors, so as to promote trade cooperation by means of 1-to-1 exchanges and roadshows.


Co-hosted by Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (TBD)

Main organizer: Exhibitions & Events Department of CCOIC

                            Yancheng Municipal People’s Government

Other organizers: Yancheng Municipal Bureau of Commerce

                               China-ROK (Yancheng) Industrial Park

                               Yancheng Economic & Technological Development Zone

Looking forward to your participation!


Exhibitions & Events Department of CCOIC

Contacts: Luo Lei, Li Zejun and Song Ying

Phone: 010-82217240、82217242、82217243


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