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President Lin Tao attended the fourth ChaoChuang conference and “The Belt and Road” digital economy
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Date: 2019-09-30
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On September 20, the 4th ChaoChuang conference and "The Belt and Road" digital economy innovation summit was held in Shantou. President of CCPIT Guangdong Lin Tao attended the conference and delivered a speech. 

The conference take "the new trend, new class, new species, new opportunities" as the theme, from all over the country more than 800 industry elite and the industry gathered around the " ' The Belt and Road' the way out to sea" "the development of China's risk investment and revelation" "artificial intelligence and information flow", "block chain round forum" and other topics to share their experiences, collision of thinking. At the same time, the conference has actively built a service platform to attract the new generation of Chaozhou entrepreneurs from home and abroad to start businesses and seek common development, and to promote more enterprises to participate in the investment and economic and trade development along "The Belt and Road". 

President Lin Tao said in his speech, the conference focused on entrepreneurial innovation, the new economy and the construction of the "The Belt and Road". He pointed out that in recent years, Shantou municipal party committee, municipal government thoroughly implement strengthen the construction of style of work and business environment construction, establish a new system of the open economy, speeding up development speed, growth in several economic indicators ranked the top in the province. The combination of Shantou’s innovative resources, "The Belt and Road" overseas Chinese business resources and human resources will surely promote the high-quality development of Shantou’s economy and promote the win-win cooperation between Shantou and "The Belt and Road" countries. He stressed that the CCPIT Guangdong will give full play to the role of overseas service platforms such as the Guangdong Overseas Economic and Trade Representative Office and Overseas Guangdong Chamber of Commerce, support and help Shantou carry out external cooperation and exchanges, attract investment and attract investment, and boost Shantou innovative and open economic development to a new level.

On September 21, President Lin Tao went to CCPIT Shantou Committee and Shantou RongDa new materials co., LTD for research, and had a discussion with the persons in charge of the city and district CCPIT. Lin Tao fully affirmed the work of CCPIT Shantou Committee in recent years, and indicated that the CCPIT Guangdong would give full support to Shantou city for trade promotion, and push CCPIT Shantou Committee for trade promotion to make new progress in international exhibition, external liaison, construction of chamber of commerce and the organization of large-scale economic and trade activities. At RongDa new materials co., LTD., President Lin tao listened to the responsible person of the company to introduce the research and development, production and the impact of SINO-US trade friction on the enterprise, and encouraged the enterprise to actively participate in the construction of "The Belt and Road", actively explore new markets and gradually reduce the impact of trade barriers.

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